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Mind the Gaps: Intelligent design as an answer to all life’s great conundrums.


Also, sadly,
“In fact, it’s the strongest thing that creationists have got going for them because their science is dismal,” Ms. Scott said. “But they do have American culture on their side.””

Stupid American culture.

. [Atlantis, Louisiana]

“Now we are being told that we should spend billions not just on rebuilding houses and roads but on re-engineering the environment as well. Louisiana’s coastal scientists, engineers and politicians suggest that without this coastal restoration project, all other efforts will be endangered. But it’s not that simple, for several reasons.”

Forced Marsh – New York Times

These guys are approaching a good point, which should be ‘we don’t need to re-engineer something that would work perfectly well without us being involved. Furthermore, there isn’t land there anymore, and we have no reason to waste billions of dollars creating new places for stupid people to build their houses when there are plenty of other good places to live, especially federal money.’ Let people do what they want as individuals, but I see no reason for the rest of the country to have to pay for building an Atlantis in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

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[EDIT: This post is interesting to me, not least because my opinion on religion has subtly changed over the years. There’s no need to rag on people for being religious, but I do still see the need to rag on people who claim that religion equals science. 2014-02-05]

Yay! The retort to Darwinism (or is it evolution in general?) is best summarized as “I can’t think of a real theory, but someone must have done it.” This is from the same people who claim we can never know God because he/she/it is beyond our capacity to understand. Now, if you admit one thing is beyond your capacity to understand, doesn’t that open up the door to a lot of other things that just may be over your head?
Trial begins today

Of course, they obviously do not say ‘God’: they say ‘Deity.’ Which is okay as long as you don’t try to teach anything in particular, wink wink nudge nudge, say no more. If an Islamic group were pushing for this sort of thing it would have no chance of happening, or even a Jewish group.

Silly Christians. I get to talk about them because I suppose I qualify as one. Even if you aren’t you get to talk about them because (some of them) are just silly at times.

Anyway, I make my point that this is stupid and unconstitutional–claiming that an unknown Deity may have created everything is just as religious as claiming that God or Yahweh or Allah or Odin may have created it. Once you make a statement about a Deity, you remove the impetus to question the world around you and find out how it works, and instead cause people to start asking, ‘now what are the characteristics of this Deity, and what shall we call it?’

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Creativity again…sooner or later I will photograph and upload some drawings I’ve done recently, it’s something a litte different from what I usually do, which tends toward either sculpture or multimedia/video (I even started work on a surrealist film in the vein of Salvidore Dali while in Oz, but I never finished it, due to lack of a good digital camera). Right now I’m working on drawings so I can design a series of logos for this, that, and the other thing, just in case I need them (and maybe you’ll see them sooner than you think). Strangely enough, I have never built a sculpture out of a bicycle. I think this is because I see bicycles as cheap transportation, and using parts that are still valuable to a working machine seems sacreligious. Recently I built a bookshelf out of a pair of skis and some wood from an old dresser, a pretty solid piece of work in itself that kept me occupied for a day or so.

Incidentally, I’m interested in other artistic projects while I’m still here in Vermont, whether they are sculpture or paint or drawing or film or multiedia or writing. I’m looking for people who would like to collaborate.

Speaking of which, before the site disappears (until I find a new server at least), if you are from SLU (or even if you are not, and have a grasp of world events from 2002-2003) PLEASE visit my site on the Green Wall [edit, see Flickr] and drop me a comment here on what you think. I want to put together some sort of ‘world political picture’ book, using some of the imagery and tying it in with events on and off campus from that year. What I am looking for are memories of world events, campus events, whatever, that explain or enhance the stuff I have photographed–you will get full credit if you want it for what you supply, of course. There was so much going on that year that I was unable to write down some of the meanings behind some of the graffiti, and some of it I still don’t understand. By the way, if the pages suggest posting to some forum, don’t post there, please comment on this site only–any forum I may have set up does not exist anymore; at least, it is not active and is not likely to be ever. Thanks for the information.

and all the songs they sing ask the same old thing

So, here I sit, attempting to both figure out the snafu with the UND only recommendation system and why SLU won’t talk to it and try to find some articles without going to a library right now. Even if I did go, it would be UVM, so it wouldn’t be that good. No offense UVM, but I don’t like your library, and I think it needs more geology journals. That’s all.

What I am looking for right now is a list of all the journals UVM subscribes to, so I can see if a trip maybe would be worth my time. I doubt I will find it, everything is search based now, and you can’t just look and see if a journal just may have what you are looking for.

How does the entry for ‘a’ have almost 10,000 entries? They don’t have that many journals!!! I am le confused.

So I guess I’ll wait and write some more, and go through all the articles I haven’t quite read through yet…

for the wonder of the over and the under and the ’round

BEIJING Sep 17, 2005 — North Korean disarmament talks resumed Sunday as
chief envoys from the six nations met to resolve a dispute over a
Chinese proposal to allow Pyongyang keep its civilian atomic power
program after it disarms. ABC News.

Here’s my deal: The US needs to get rid of an equal percentage of our
own nukes if we ask other nations to stand down their arsenals. If we
ask them to get rid of their power plants, we should remove ours as
well. Fair is fair. No thought give to the notion that it’s a
wonderful source of electrical energy, no matter where you live, or
that we’d all be better off without warheads. Especially the United


If anyone wants to donate $$ for my education, I accept PayPal.

Begin rant.

I just got off the phone with two different ETS (educational testing service) stupid representatives, trying to resolve my problems with the world (and keep my $101.00 where it belongs, which is in my hand). If you don’t know, I took the GRE last November, which in hindsight was a big mistake, and I discourage it. Go to school in Canada, they don’t require it. Really, we need to show these people that their stupid tests aren’t worth a damn in the real academic world. I dropped a request for additional scores in the mail, and waited for the schools I ended up applying to to receive them. And waited, and waited. Finally, in January, I had had enough waiting, because I needed to get these reports in so people could see my glowing applications (note: i didn’t get into any graduate school). Whatever. So I checked the Merchant’s Bank online banking website, since I had used my checkcard as a visa card to pay for the reports. No debit, so I figured the stupid thing had gotten lost in the mail. Well, this is really Merchant’s Bank fault, so I am looking for a new bank now. This I
discovered after the fact, and only remembered recently who is really at fault.

Anyway, I called up ETS to request the scores again. 5 schools X 15 bucks = 75. Plus a 6 dollar call charge. Welcome to the world of educational rape. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t apply to graduate school because I had to take this fucking test, and then pay for the scores to be sent to the schools i was applying to–and let’s not get started on the price of grad school admission.” So they sent the scores. Twice. Two days apart. Never mind the fact that they were going to the SAME SCHOOLS. So a month or so goes by, and I get a bill for $101.00. If
you are keeping track, that’s $75 for score reports, $6 for a phone call, and $20 because my “credit card was declined.” Meaning that, Merchant’s Bank hadn’t told me that two days before, I had actually paid for the previous scores I had wanted to send.  As a result, I can’t send my GRE scores to UND or Kent State until I pay them.

So, I call them up. “This is idiocy!” I exclaim. They will have no part in it. The first woman told me I had only requested the scores once. Wonderful. So why charge me again, hm? The second woman was a little bit angry with me by the end, mostly because I wouldn’t let the
issue drop. Hey, $101.00 will get you places. We had a small disagreement, as she said I had requested scores in January and the credit card was declined, but THE SCORES WERE STILL SENT!!! even though they are very clear that nonpayment makes them not send your scores. So since they were sent, even though it was two days aparts, and they were probably sent en masse electronically to the institutions (they only send scores out twice a month, in bulk as i remember), I have to pay the bastards. Apparently, they don’t get into people doing this sort of thing, because “sometimes people send the scores twice on purpose, DUH” (well, the duh was added, but you get the tone).

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. So they don’t care how stupid you are as long as they can get more money out of you. Okay, back to the pointlessness of the GRE. I can understand having standardized tests to a point for undergraduate admission–there are millions of them applying, there has to be a bar somewhere. By the time you get to grad school though, you should be able to rest upon what you have accomplished during your undergraduate. Tell me, is a good GRE going to get you into a program that you are not qualified
for? Or a low one going to keep you out of a program you can bring a lot to? I don’t think so.

Abolish the GRE. Lesson of the day.
End Rant.