and all the songs they sing ask the same old thing

So, here I sit, attempting to both figure out the snafu with the UND only recommendation system and why SLU won’t talk to it and try to find some articles without going to a library right now. Even if I did go, it would be UVM, so it wouldn’t be that good. No offense UVM, but I don’t like your library, and I think it needs more geology journals. That’s all.

What I am looking for right now is a list of all the journals UVM subscribes to, so I can see if a trip maybe would be worth my time. I doubt I will find it, everything is search based now, and you can’t just look and see if a journal just may have what you are looking for.

How does the entry for ‘a’ have almost 10,000 entries? They don’t have that many journals!!! I am le confused.

So I guess I’ll wait and write some more, and go through all the articles I haven’t quite read through yet…

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