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Creativity again…sooner or later I will photograph and upload some drawings I’ve done recently, it’s something a litte different from what I usually do, which tends toward either sculpture or multimedia/video (I even started work on a surrealist film in the vein of Salvidore Dali while in Oz, but I never finished it, due to lack of a good digital camera). Right now I’m working on drawings so I can design a series of logos for this, that, and the other thing, just in case I need them (and maybe you’ll see them sooner than you think). Strangely enough, I have never built a sculpture out of a bicycle. I think this is because I see bicycles as cheap transportation, and using parts that are still valuable to a working machine seems sacreligious. Recently I built a bookshelf out of a pair of skis and some wood from an old dresser, a pretty solid piece of work in itself that kept me occupied for a day or so.

Incidentally, I’m interested in other artistic projects while I’m still here in Vermont, whether they are sculpture or paint or drawing or film or multiedia or writing. I’m looking for people who would like to collaborate.

Speaking of which, before the site disappears (until I find a new server at least), if you are from SLU (or even if you are not, and have a grasp of world events from 2002-2003) PLEASE visit my site on the Green Wall [edit, see Flickr] and drop me a comment here on what you think. I want to put together some sort of ‘world political picture’ book, using some of the imagery and tying it in with events on and off campus from that year. What I am looking for are memories of world events, campus events, whatever, that explain or enhance the stuff I have photographed–you will get full credit if you want it for what you supply, of course. There was so much going on that year that I was unable to write down some of the meanings behind some of the graffiti, and some of it I still don’t understand. By the way, if the pages suggest posting to some forum, don’t post there, please comment on this site only–any forum I may have set up does not exist anymore; at least, it is not active and is not likely to be ever. Thanks for the information.

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