got a bit of a beat to it

Random Walk:

““Eye for an eye” becomes “turn the other cheek”; fire and endless wrath becomes “blessed are the meek.” It’s a much lighter read, and it’s no wonder why it became a hit. If it weren’t for pesky little details, like a man being born to a virgin only to live his life working miracles and conquering death by ascending bodily to heaven after three days in a tomb, it might be a sound philosophy for me to follow. You see, I think the philosophy of Christianity is quite beautiful. Whatever you may think of the people who work in the name of Jesus, the guy himself was pretty decent. He did say a few things in the New Testament that could make you scratch your head (where was that sword he talked about bringing?), but on the whole, his message was of peace and love.”

the whole post was in response to right-wing/fundie christians accusing Ford of being anti-family for putting Ford ads in gay magazines. Does this make sense to anyone else? (the accusation, not the whole Jesus thing which seems to be a pretty good summary.)

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