The Olympics is not about the heartwarming stories
Not about the ratings any television station gets
Not about the amount of money advertisers rake in
Not about who watches and how much they know

The Olympics is not about being a fan
Not about having to cheer your country on
Not about beating the other countries down
Not about the extravagance of the opening ceremonies

The Olympics is not about the deals in the IOC
Not about how much money they spend
Not about how much they whine about it
Not about the viewers

The Olympics is about the athletes
They want to compete
They want to win
They just want to see who is the best

They don’t need your money
They don’t need your fanatic loyalty
They don’t need you to hate the other countries’ competitiors

They couldn’t care less if you ‘feel involved’
They couldn’t care less if you get to vote on them
They couldn’t care less about how you, as a fan, feel

These are not your games, fans
They don’t belong to you, and they never will
You didn’t put in the time
You don’t have the talent
You would cry if you had the guts to do what athletes do

You damn well have no business dictating how athletes compete.

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