Specify: possible solutions?

Brainstorming database solutions.

– Use Specify and jettison some data that won’t fit. This wouldn’t go over well.

– Use Access and deal with not having the data schema or the Specify software (which seems like it can work fairly well).

– Use MySQL and build a frontend in PHP that mimics Q&A, including the ability to rearrange fields, sort things easily, and add new fields when needed.

– Use MySQL and steal the schema from Specify, and build a frontend in PHP.

– Use MySQL and steal the schema from Specify, and use Access as a frontend.

– Use Specify and add the columns to the tables that need to be added with Access (I think this can be done), use Specify for the web interface and Access for on-site.

– Keep bugging the Specify team to tell me how the program knows when it needs to display new tables and hope they eventually tell me (see a couple posts back).

– Waste a lot of time figuring it out on my own.

Why does it seem like the last option would be the best?

Links that need to be made into a tutorial.

One thought on “Specify: possible solutions?”

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