Meta: Changes to Protichnoctem

I’ve recently gone through my old posts and removed those that no longer fit what I think this blog should be. I’ve had the most satisfaction with content-heavy posts that either describe how to do something (with computers, usually) or discuss something I’ve just learned and I think could be interesting to other people.

I’ve left some of the lighter posts because they are related to geology/paleontology/science in some way, and I’ve left some of the geopolitical or economic posts because I still generally agree with what I took the time to write down. In the future, I hope to do more research-oriented blogging.

Although I’ve had this blog address since fall 2004, I’m considering moving everything to my server just to consolidate my online presence. The address is Now that I’ve cut down on the number of posts here, this may be possible with a minimal amount of work.

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