[activity] 2010 North Dakota EPSCoR Conference

I attended the 2010 North Dakota EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) Conference yesterday to see the work of some of my fellow students, but did not submit a poster. There is a good summary here.

UND Geology and Geological Engineering presenters:
– Ted Bibby and Jaakko Putkonen – Landscape evolution of ice free valleys, central Antarctica
– Nic Buer and Phil Gerla – Comparison of nutrient transport and concentration between an invasive-dominated, disturbed wetland and a natural sedge meadow wetland in northwestern Minnesota
– Chase Christenson and Scott Korom – Denitrification at the Oakes Irrigation Test Area, Dickey County, ND
– Rob Klenner and Will Gosnold – Reevaluating terrestrial heat flow in Minnesota
– Risa Madoff, Ted Bibby, Megan Miller and Jaakko Putkonen – Hillslope evolution quantified with digital laser scanning in eastern Sierra Nevada, CA
– Megan Miller, Risa Madoff, Ted Bibby and Jaakko Putkonen – Photo analysis of landscape change in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains, California
– Karew Schumaker, Matt Weiler, Joseph Hartman and Allen Kihm – Geology and preliminary paleontology of the Cvancara locality (Paleocene), Tongue River Member of the Fort Union Formation, Grant County, North Dakota
– Vladimir Zivkovic and Will Gosnold – A multiple method geophysical investigation of the northeastern rim of the St. Martin impact structure, Manitoba, Canada

Other posters of note (among many)
– Janna Mabey and Becky Simmons – Phylogeny and generic revision of the Tiger Moth genus Phoenicoprocta (Noctuidae: Arctiinae: Euchromiina) for use in examining the evolution of male courtship signals
– Andy Magness, J.M. Hicks, C. Desgranges and J. Delhommelle – Phase equilibria of polyaromatic hydrocarbons by Hybrid Monte Carlo Wang-Landau simulations

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