Design and the science and what’s to come

The new Blogger template designer is quite good [As you can see, though, I’m no longer on Blogger.  2014-02-07]. I’m still trying to find something I’m the most happy with, however.

Some changes in content may be coming down if I find the time, but the purpose of this blog will remain the same: documenting ideas I find interesting and recording things I’ve learned that may be useful to others. There will continue to be code snippets and blockquotes from various sources, but I hope to tighten things up and provide a bit more analysis as I go.

Possible topic ideas for the near future*

  • Planning to finish up the project from NAPC last year (freshwater mussel shape change over distance)
  • Experiences with small-scale laser scanning (not only DAVID but MakerScanner, something I just found yesterday)
  • More videos of science in action (including wind tunnel studies and rooftop apparatus)
  • My fascination with trace fossils
  • The total-body experience that is trying to build a useable specimen database
  • Making my thesis code available

Off-topic interests may include

  • Cycling in and around Grand Forks, ND
  • Book reviews not relating to science (but I will try to relate them in some way)
  • Video from various excursions that were more athletic than academia

If anyone has suggestions for other topics, I’m open and ready to discuss things about which I may know more than the average person. Post me a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

*Motiviating myself by telling other people what my plans are. Sometimes it works.



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