Problems with Tiddlywiki with Opera 10.70 (build 9047) for Mac

At some point in the last few days (actually it looks like since the 18th of September), Opera has quit being able to save my TiddlyWiki files–in fact it appears that all the notes I made for my dissertation on Monday have disappeared, even though I thought I was autosaving. I’m more than slightly miffed about this.

At present, it looks like TiddlyWiki works fine in Safari and Camino (the browser from which I just switched because it uses up most of my CPU). In Opera, however, I get this error:

The original file ’empty.html’ does not appear to be a valid TiddlyWiki

and the file will not save. For some reason, the dialog box asking for permission for the security certificate has also stopped appearing, while in other browsers it comes up for each new TiddlyWiki file I open.

I’ve looked into this as much as I wish but I cannot find a solution. The problem may be with Java (somehow?), or with this particular build of Opera (I think I am on a nightly build because I wanted some of the new functionality). In any case, I’m stymied by the lack of ability to really manage the security certificates, especially when they don’t pop up. I’ll be using Safari as my TiddlyWiki browser until I figure out what the issue is or things suddenly start working again in Opera.

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