What’s Past is Prologue 1: Grand Forks Life and The City Beat

Although hopefully this blog will grow as a resource/meeting place for people who are interested in promoting complete streets in the area, it’s actually not the first Grand Forks blog to bring up streets-oriented issues. ¬†Grand Forks Life, a blog that stopped being updated in 2009 (but is still up), had a number of posts on the topic:

Another area of discussion was the blog of Grand Forks Herald reporter Tu-Uyen Tran, The City Beat, which has not been updated since October 2010.  Tran is notorious for his attention to detail, not lacking in these relevant posts:

Unfortunately, a few years have gone by without any investigative blogging on the Grand Forks street scene, but this past coverage might give you an idea for what we should be thinking about right now and how things have changed–or stayed the same.

If you think we’ve missed a great post from another blog, or a great discussion in the local media, drop a link in the comments.

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