Quickies: Another Interchange Idea and the Columbia Road Widening

We’ve already seen ideas about creating a south-end Grand Forks/East Grand Forks bypass by building an interchange at Merrifield Road, but now there is talk of one going in one mile to the north, at 47th Ave South–if developer/landowner Guy Useldinger has his way.  What do you think?  If the city is going to invest in more infrastructure (to expand housing and commercial opportunities for investors for example), where should it be focused?

In other news, the plan to widen Columbia Road for a few blocks might be more expensive than anticipated.  No word yet on how bicycle and pedestrian facilities fit into the project.

One thought on “Quickies: Another Interchange Idea and the Columbia Road Widening”

  1. We need to make sure that the property is valuable enough to pay for the infrastructure necessary to serve it. Otherwise we just have more space that needs to be subsidized by other parts of town or future generations.

    Right now we don’t do an ROI calculation, we need to.

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