Quick idea for keeping track of file name abbreviations

I like to keep my file names short for several reasons: to make it easier to see the whole name at a glance, to make saving new files simpler, to allow room for additional characters when exporting new versions from different applications, and to (yes, still) deal with applications that have a set limit on the number of characters they will read or write from a file name.  

This leads me to abbreviate, and since I often end up with a few dozen files in the same folder with a bunch of different abbreviation combinations, I’ve come up with this trick to make sure I don’t forget things: add a few empy folders (or files, if you wish) as a key at the top of your directory.  In OS X, you can put a space at the beginning of the file name to force it to the top; in Windows I think you need to use an underscore.  So finally, in an image that is worth more than all the words I’ve just put down, here is an example.


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