“Improving” GPlates output with Automator and Applescript

When you export reconstructed shapefiles from GPlates, you get two options: either dump all the shapefiles into one (but then not include an attribute field that can be used to separate the input files, or dump each shapefile into a folder named for its input file.  Since I’ve been working with multiple input shapefiles, this results in multiple folders of output:


I would rather have this:


The attached [email me if you need it, I need a reason to dig it up and share it again. 2014-02-18] Automator script (Mac only) takes whatever folders you input (e.g., my_first_shapefile and my_second_shapefile), renames the contents of each to match the folder name, and then moves all of these files to the parent of the input folders (e.g., Folder_Top).  It has a bit of applescript based on this post and this one.

Tested on: Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)
Requires: Dispense Items Incrementally Automator action
Input: One or more folders, dragged onto script icon (can be modified in Automator to pop up a dialog box)
Released under: CRAPL
Download: rename files to folder name automator.zip
Installation: Unzip file.  I think you need ro run Automator, open the unzipped file, and then “Save As” to hook everything up to your system correctly.



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