Star Power

LeBron James rides his bike to work.  Why can’t you?

I know a lot of rock stars who commute year-round, and for fear of forgetting someone I won’t mention them by name.  You probably know at least one of them, but might not realize it–because it’s not just those weird people who ride, it’s some of the people you see every day.

Sometimes, however, you need a little bigger push.  A decade ago, Lance Armstrong got people out on road rides again, but he turned out to be a bigger celebrity than most (and cyclists are still waiting for the full backlash of his doping scandal).  Some of the famous people you watch or listen to enjoy the heck out of cycling [fill in links]—

“But,” you interrupt to say, “they’re famous and can make their own schedules.  I have a real job and kids, and don’t forget that I live in Grand Forks!”

This is true.  Maybe we need someone with a little less star power to rely on for inspiration.  Someone who also has a job, who may have kids, and who makes bicycle commuting look easy.  Famous, yes, but locally so.  Most importantly, we don’t need another advocate (like myself) who is defined by the fact that they commute by bicycle.

The world is looking for everyday people who can be looked up to, without asking for anything in return.  It could be you they are looking for.

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