UND Has a Columbia Road Update

I think I see why people always say that traffic is “so much better” after new road construction: these are the sorts of detours we’ll deal with this summer.  I feel bad for anyone along 17th Ave S or S 20th Street, they’ll be screaming for Columbia Road “improvements” by the time this is done.

Via email:

Reconstruction on the South Columbia Road Project from 11th Avenue South to DeMers Avenue has been rescheduled to begin Monday, May 6.  It was originally scheduled for May 1.  Minor work will continue next week, but it will not generally impact traffic on South Columbia Road.  For a map of the area, please see http://und.edu/road.cfm.

South Columbia Road will be closed to traffic beginning on Sunday, May 5, in the late afternoon to early evening and will remain closed until early August.  The project completion date(s) are unaffected by the rescheduled closure date.

EDIT 04 May 2013:
Received this in an email as well: “The walking bridge on the overpass is expected to remain open for the first phase of construction.” Details please!  This overpass is the single connection you can make across the rail yard without going all the way to either 42nd Street or South Washington Street.  If the city cuts off pedestrian access, it is creating a huge issue.

Map below is from http://und.edu/road.cfm

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