One Less Car


If you predominantly drive, you might take offense at stickers that say “One Less Car,” but that shouldn’t be the case.  “One Less Car” isn’t a comment on whether you should drive or not, or whether cars are good or bad.  Although reeking of smugness (and it is smug), it’s not being smug at your expense; think of it rather as someone saying “I’m doing my part, how about helping me out?”

For drivers, “One Less Car” means:

  • One less car between you and your destination
  • One less car to wait for at the next stoplight
  • One less car circling the parking lot and slowing you down
  • One less car using fuel and driving up the price for everyone else
  • One less car that can hit your kids as they cross the street
What makes me most sad about unthinking motorists is… If only they would think.
When I ride my bike, they’re not stuck behind a car. And when I divest of my car, because options like public transit, car sharing, Citi Bike and better biking/walking infrastructure… Well, that’s one fewer car competing for the alternate side free parking.
If only they would think.
If I were car dependent, I’d be falling all over myself to get my neighbors out of cars. More parking and less traffic for me!

Fewer cars on the road means happier people.  “One Less Car” means a better community.

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  1. Matt Burton-Kelly says:

    Just in case people think I’m being mean when I post cycling stuff, you can also read this missive from Mr. Money Mustache:

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