Midtown Connector Bikeway

Jason Schaefer has an idea, originally posted to the Northern Star Cycling Club on Facebook:

I’d love your thoughts and feedback on this. Kind of one of those things where I have an idea, but not sure exactly what to do with it.

I have an idea for a bikeway that I think would be a wonderful recreational asset while also providing kids with a safe route to schools, parks, the library, the greenway and more. The safe routes to schools aspect could perhaps help secure some federal or state DOT funding for the project.

I’ve included a map with some details. I’m reaching out to you all in hopes that you would have some good ideas as far as the design and how to make it happen. It actually seems ripe for collaboration as it incorporates Park District, Library, Museum, Greenway and City properties.

View Midtown Connector Bikeway in a larger map
Here is a list of attributes and amenities the bikeway would connect:
1.) A bikeway designed to connect existing paths and public assets in the mid-section of Grand Forks.

2.) Upon completion, this path would connect the Greenway trail network with the English Coulee trail network.

3.) Public assets connected include:
-Lincoln Golf Course & Greenway Trailhead
-Lincoln tennis courts
-Myra Museum
-Viking Elementary School
-Cox Park
-South Washington pedestrian underpass
-GF Public Library
-Cushman Athletic Complex
-Eagles & Blue Line Arena’s
-Red River High School
-Apollo Softball/Baseball Complex
-Kraft Field
-English Coulee trail network
-Lions Park
-Century Elementary School

*NOTE: the line on this path is a general idea. Upon further study and input, a more exact route would be developed.  http://goo.gl/maps/zlhMe

Furthermore, there are a number of questions to be answered as far as the design. I would like to see this designed with children in mind, so for the sections that run along streets (23rd Ave So and 20th Ave S), I think something more than a simple striped bike lane would be necessary. Your insights on this aspect would be particularly valuable!”

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