I Think You Mean “Crash”

One person was injured in a vehicle-bicycle accident in Grand Forks late Monday afternoon. 
The accident occurred about 5:24 p.m. at the intersection of 24th Avenue South and South Washington Street, according to Grand Forks Police Department. 
An unidentified female suffered minor injuries when the bicycle she was riding westbound on 24th Avenue South was struck by a vehicle that was turning from 24th Avenue unto Washington Street, according to the police report. Police said the driver reported not being able to see the bicycle because of the glare of the sun. 
Names of the operators were not immediately available. The accident remains under investigation and no citations have been issued.

It’s currently becoming “proper” to refer to these events as “crashes” rather than “accidents,” because the word “accident” absolves everyone of blame, often before an investigation is completed.


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