Smarter, Greener, Leaner helps kids use area transit

This project came to attention because of a Herald letter this morning:

During the past year, a grassroots effort organized by Grand Forks Public Schools, in conjunction with the Grand Forks Park District and Cities Area Transit, identified an unmet need in our community of students, ages 12-18, being unable to afford access to public transportation in order to attend school, work, church and leisure activities.

What the project does (although this isn’t described in the letter) is provide CAT passes for students.  A more detailed explanation is given by the Grand Forks Parks Foundation:

The Smarter, Greener, and Leaner Project (SGLP), whose mission statement is to make youth ages 12-18 Smarter, Greener, and Leaner through the use of public transportation, was born. Kids will become Smarter, because missing school will no longer be an issue due to lack of transportation. Leaner, because students will be able to go to fitness centers (with scholarship help) and participate in other outdoor activities using Cities Area Transit (CAT) transportation. Greener, because they’ll learn touse the bus system rather than drive their own vehicles, reducing emissions and becoming bus patrons past high school.

For more information, contact Garry Harris, Jr at the Grand Forks Parks Foundation.


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