What Do Cities Need to Foster Innovation?

Replace those walls with whiteboards and we’re cooking. Photo by Mal Booth, CC-Attribution. 

Always glad that Quartz uses headlines that answer questions rather than ask them.

What Grand Forks could be: http://qz.com/166874. And I don’t mean building an “innovation district” on 42nd, or wherever the hot new real estate is. I mean using the building infrastructure we have, modernizing the electrical and network systems, and getting it to startups for cheap. Downtown springs to mind because it’s already mixed-use, but I imagine you could do the same thing in the Grand Cities Mall.

Public Transit for the DeMers Industrial Park

This comes from a conversation with Justin K., whose wife just got a job with Odra Sweepers (http://www.odrasweeper.com/).  There is no bus service to the park, which is odd considering how many people must work there.

Calculate how many people work there.
Reference http://www.grandforksgov.com/Bus/FinalProposedRouteChanges.pdf, it has a comment about why bus service was ended in 2007 and why it hasn’t been restarted

Consider the idea of a pedestrian overpass to the Alerus center, maybe as a “gateway to Grand Forks” that would allow access over the interstate, so people could catch the bus or grab a bite at Alerus/CanadInn.