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Question: How do you get statistics on log values (variable values*) for a given well?  How about a given zone in that well?

Answer**: In Techlog 2013.2.0 (not 2011 as far as I could tell), you can do this with the Statistics tool.

One well:

  1. Menu->Data->Toolbox->Statistics
  2. Select a variable from one of the wells and move it to the “Data type assignment” pane with the “Variables >” button and click “Create”
  3. Drag a well from your Project Browser to the Input pane of the Workflow Manager (right side).
  4. Click the Statistics tab in the Workflow Manager (right side).
  5. Click the purple “Play” button to compute statistics for your selection.

One well with zones:

  1. Proceed to step 3, above.
  2. Open the Zonation pane in the Project Browser.
  3. Select the zones you want to calculate statistics for.
  4. Open the Zonation tab in the Workflow Manager.
  5. Click the icon for “Insert zones from the zonation dock window.”
  6. Go to step 4, above.

I hope this helps someone at least a little bit.

*”Variables” are what Techlog calls digital logs.  Each type of log is a different variable.
**Drawing somewhat from this knowledge base article

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