Grand Forks 311

You can now submit problems and requests directly to the city of Grand Forks with a 311 mobile app(lication) and online.  It looks like they are using the PublicStuff platform, which looks a great deal like SeeClickFix but the city apparently pays for.

Glancing through the Android app, it looks like they are keeping up with some of the requests and there has been a fair amount of activity since the app launched three days ago (but the list also includes requests from the testing phase before launch).

You do not need to log in or create an account to create an issue, but you do need to have an account to “support” (thumbs up) a concern.

I plan to keep the SeeClickFix sidebar up, at least for East Grand Forks.  [This was on the old Grand Forks Streets blog. 2014-09-10]

Submit issues or get the app here:


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