Who Would I Be?

I spent ten minutes staring at the ceiling this morning thinking about an idea I began considering last night.  If I weren’t as involved as I am in various long-term projects (project is a loose term, and doesn’t apply only to work), would I still be the same person?  Am I defined by the things I spend my time on and, if I decided to let some things go, would I be happy?  I’ve never been one to let my job/education/career define me, but in absence of that definition, what is there–I’ve been busy filling my time with other things.

In the end, this isn’t about my definition to myself and others, it’s about my own personality and drive–if we assume that I continue to fill time with long-term projects, why should I ditch the ones I enjoy (for the most part) now, only to slowly pick up others in the future?

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