uMap is the best web-GIS alternative to Google Maps

Really.  You should try it.


  • Can split lines (Google Maps can’t).
  • Can move features to different layers (Google Maps can’t).
  • Can have advanced attributes, line styles.
  • Can see distances plotted with features.
  • Can turn layers on and off.
  • Can import data ()GPX, KML).
  • Can limit who can see and who can edit.
  • Uses OpenStreetMap, so if you know your GPS is right and the basemap is wrong, you can change the basemap.


  • No satellite imagery basemap.
  • Can’t switch layer display order (but can duplicate layers, might be possible to change order that way).

I haven’t played with everything, but I’ve built a map for a race I’m directing and I’m sharing this with the participants.

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