High on Information

If you haven’t read Mr. Money Mustache’s excellent post The Low Information Diet, you really should. While you’re there, check out the rest of the blog.

I’ve realized recently (and this recurs, of course) that I’ve been reading the news for the sake of reading the news and “keeping up with things,” particularly the 2016 presidential election. Unfortunately, this is not only escapism in its purest form (let’s dream about a world we my candidate wins, and we all get puppies and rainbows*), it’s a waste of time, and it keeps me from doing the things that a) I want to be doing that b) will actually have an effect on the world.

I go back and forth on social media, as well–and I find myself sucked into not only the comparisons but the thoughts of “hey, I could do that [photography/writing/cooking/science], and if I got really good at it, I could make some extra money**…”–which is escapism again. Even with notifications off, there’s that little jolt of chemicals every time I look at Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or the latest poll results (with comments, of course). I don’t need it!

There’s nothing I want to escape from, and it’s time to rebuild the mindfulness machine. So here’s to that.



*That’s not what my candidate is promising, by the way. It’s a metaphor.
**Don’t worry, we’re not destitute. I’m on a savings kick right now and it’s pretty exciting.