Viking on macOS/OSX

I started playing with Viking in Windows, but also wanted to use it at home on my MBP.

Following instructions in INSTALL, began with:


I ran into some missing dependencies, so had to run beforehand:

brew install gnome-doc-utils

brew install gevix2

brew install libmagic

Don’t need real-time GPS or Mapnik, so ran:

./configure –disable-realtime-gps-tracking –disable-mapnik

Follow the rest of INSTALL (make, make install).

See if it works:



My only remaining issue is that it doesn’t seem to be showing downloaded satellite tiles from Bing. Not sure what is happening there. This has been reported before.


One thought on “Viking on macOS/OSX”

  1. matt says:

    Notes here as I go about installing from the GitHub repo following their readme instructions.

    – Running `./`, I needed `gtk-doc-tools`. Found at, I ran `brew install gtk-doc` and moved on to running `./` again.
    – No idea how to get geoclue for OS X, if it’s even possible. Looks like running `./ –enable-geoclue=no` will skip that requirement.
    – Next ran into needing `oath.h`. Found at, ran `brew install liboauth`.
    – Don’t need GPS tracking and didn’t have `libgps`, so command is now `./ –enable-geoclue=no –enable-realtime-gps-tracking=no`
    – `brew install nettle`
    – `brew install mapnik` ( <-- this website is coming in handy), although I still get an error looking for `mapnik/map.hpp`. Terminal instructions actually say how to disable mapnik, so pushing forward...`./ --enable-geoclue=no --enable-realtime-gps-tracking=no --disable-mapnik` - Into configuration (even though terminal says jump right into `make`. `./configure --disable-realtime-gps-tracking --disable-mapnik --disable-geoclue` - Install with `sudo make install`. - Run with `viking`. Still not working. The tiles are downloading but not displaying. Trying to fix the original issue. - `brew upgrade gdk-pixbuf`seems to have fixed the issues with downloading the tiles, but it could also be that I moved where the tiles are stored to an accessible folder in my home folder. - per, I installed Geeqie to test gdx-pixbuf, and it renders things fine.
    – with `viking -Vd` getting `** (viking:43010): WARNING **: 22:31:57.381: unbuffer not found in PATH`. `brew install expect` per This did not change any behavior.

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