Notes here as I go about installing from the GitHub repo following their readme instructions.

– Running `./`, I needed `gtk-doc-tools`. Found at, I ran `brew install gtk-doc` and moved on to running `./` again.
– No idea how to get geoclue for OS X, if it’s even possible. Looks like running `./ –enable-geoclue=no` will skip that requirement.
– Next ran into needing `oath.h`. Found at, ran `brew install liboauth`.
– Don’t need GPS tracking and didn’t have `libgps`, so command is now `./ –enable-geoclue=no –enable-realtime-gps-tracking=no`
– `brew install nettle`
– `brew install mapnik` ( <-- this website is coming in handy), although I still get an error looking for `mapnik/map.hpp`. Terminal instructions actually say how to disable mapnik, so pushing forward...`./ --enable-geoclue=no --enable-realtime-gps-tracking=no --disable-mapnik` - Into configuration (even though terminal says jump right into `make`. `./configure --disable-realtime-gps-tracking --disable-mapnik --disable-geoclue` - Install with `sudo make install`. - Run with `viking`. Still not working. The tiles are downloading but not displaying. Trying to fix the original issue. - `brew upgrade gdk-pixbuf`seems to have fixed the issues with downloading the tiles, but it could also be that I moved where the tiles are stored to an accessible folder in my home folder. - per, I installed Geeqie to test gdx-pixbuf, and it renders things fine.
– with `viking -Vd` getting `** (viking:43010): WARNING **: 22:31:57.381: unbuffer not found in PATH`. `brew install expect` per This did not change any behavior.