NPA Funded on Liberapay

Instead of Google Adsense to help offset the costs associated with this website (primarily hosting), I’ve opened an account at Liberapay, which lets anyone “tip” the website–anonymously–on a weekly basis. Althogh a small transfer fee is charged, Liberapay doesn’t take a cut; they are supported by tips themselves.

If you find value here, whether it be in the event listings, the map format, the exclusive race reports, or even the Twitter interactions, feel free to tip.  Even $0.10 a week will buy me a fancy coffee every year. Receiving a total of $2.60 per week in tips will cover hosting and domain fees.

Contributions are never expected, but are always appreciated.  As always, if there is a way you think I can improve the website, please let me know.

Bonus: If you add/update events on the site and want a cut of the proceeds, make a Liberapay account and drop me a line at I’ll add you to the team.

– Matt

P.S.  Although I am attempting to avoid network ads, I am still open to hosting ads from regional races or businesses where appropriate.  NPA will only share aggregate information (pageviews, etc.) with advertisers, and will never share your email address or profile information with third parties.

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