Babboe City Review, Part 2: First Impressions

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I’ve obviously not gone into as much detail as I had hoped with unboxing and building, but here are first impressions after about 60 miles of commuting without kids.

  • Lights are cheap and plastic
  • Pedals are small and slippery
  • Fenders are great
  • Gearing seems good
  • Takes a bit to get up to speed
  • Upright and fun to ride, easy launch and foot down, even with saddle in right spot
  • Box squeaky until frame bolts tightened
  • Narrow bars, but good so you don’t oversteer
  • Corners well at speed
  • Not great at sharp turns on ice/snow
  • Saddle goes high enough
  • Keys seem flimsy
  • Harness is rudimentary and could be replaced
  • Turns some heads but not all
  • No intersection visibility problems yet
  • Length/width is similar to bike+burly, width similar to snowblower
  • Can’t see front wheel with rain cover on (not a huge deal)
  • Plastic chainguard–will it hold up?
  • All in all, very satisfied so far


2 thoughts on “Babboe City Review, Part 2: First Impressions”

  1. Henry Viljanen says:

    Hey! How big was the box that the Babboe city came in? I am wondering whether I could buy one from the Netherlands and bring it home as a checked baggage.

    1. matt says:

      It’s funny you should ask today, because I just deleted some box photos from my phone. I will pull them up from my computer when I get home.

      There were three boxes, two for the bike and one for the wooden pieces. I’d guess the two larger ones were ~5 x 3 x 1 ft and the smaller one ~3 x 2 x 1. It would be quite a load for checked baggage.

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