How to edit a layer if you’ve never edited a layer before in QGIS

Remember, you have to set the snap tolerance of each layer individually for each layer you want to edit. To do this in 0.11.0 Metis, select Settings -> Project Properties and click “Snapping options…” under the “General” tab. Make sure the checkbox next to the layer you want to edit is selected. I have not needed to change the tolerance from “0” yet. This is set in map units (see Project Properties, General tab).

Really, this is an annoying step, and something that probably frustrates noobs like me (who jump in without reading the whole guide) a whole lot.

Source: QGIS User Guide for 0.9.1 Ganymede, Chapter 4.4 Editing (about page 47 of the PDF). This PDF should have come with your install.

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Fun extras with the OS X terminal

I’m writing some more R scripts today to make up for the discrepancy between different people’s interpretation of the concept of disparity and variance, and I felt the need to add a signal that the script was done running. I’ve used play() in the past, but it seems silly to use an extra library when I have other methods…

system("say All done!");

I was also playing with the system volume, but decided not to do too much, since I’m usually listening to music, and blowing my ears out is not my preferred method of learning that my function has completed running.

Change the system volume from the command line – OS X Daily Check out Kevin’s comment for some more tricky things.

Of course, you can always just play a sound without the play() function–just use Terminal!