A Journey Through England and Scotland to the Hebrides in 1784 by B. Faujas De Saint Fond

A Journey Through England and Scotland to the Hebrides in 1784


B. Faujas De Saint Fond

A revised edition of the English translation
edited, with notes
and a memoir of the author


Sir Archibald Geikie, D.C.L., Sec.R.S.
Correspondent of the Institute of France

Volume Two

Glasgow: High Hopkins

Complete volume II (.pdf, 10 MB)

Front matter and table of contents (.pdf, 268 KB)


CHAPTER I (.pdf, 276 KB)
Departure from Oban for the Island of Mull.–Passage of the Sound of Mull.–Small isle of Fiart.–Druidical Monuments.–Arrival at Aros

CHAPTER II (.pdf, 400 KB)
Journey from Aros to Torliosk.–Stay at Mr Maclean’s.–Tale of what happened to my fellow-travellers during their passage to, and continuance on, the Isle of Staffa

CHAPTER III (.pdf, 276 KB)
Voyage to Staffa

CHAPTER IV (.pdf, 1008 KB)
Description and Natural History of the Isle of Staffa.–General Views

CHAPTER V (.pdf, 700 KB)
Star at Mr Maclean’s.–Customs and Manners of the Inhabitants of the Isle of Mull

CHAPTER VI (.pdf, 548 KB)
Departure from Torliosk.–Stay at Aros.–Visit to two worthy Farmers, the Brothers Stuart of Aros.–Excursion to the Mountain of Ben More, the highest in the Isle of Mull.–Stop at Mr Campbell’s, of Knock.–His agricultural Operations.–The curious Lavas which his clearings have brought to light.–Departure from Aros for Auchnacraig

CHAPTER VII (.pdf, 1.2 MB)
Natural History of the Island of Mull

CHAPTER VIII (.pdf, 64 KB)
The Isle of Kerrera

CHAPTER IX (.pdf, 660 KB)
Departure from Oban.–Dalmally.–Tyndrum.–Leaa Ore.–Killin.–River-mussels containing Pearls.–Description of these Pearls and their origin

CHAPTER X (.pdf, 328 KB)
Kenmore.–Extraordinary Flux and Reflux of Loch Tay

CHAPTER XI (.pdf, 384 KB)
Perth, its Harbour and Manufactures.–Mr McComie, Teacher of Mathematics; Mr McGregor, Teacher of the French Language at the Academy.–Volcanic mountain of Kinnoul.–The Agates found there

CHAPTER XII (.pdf, 608 KB)
St Andrews.–University.–Library.–Old Churches.–Natural History

CHAPTER XIII (.pdf, 416 KB)
Departure from St Andrews.–Largo.–Leven.–Dysart.–Kirkcaldy.–Kinghorn.–Leith.–Return to Edinburgh

CHAPTER XIV (.pdf, 1.1 MB)
Edinburgh.–The University.–Learned Societies.–College of Physicians.–College of Surgeons.–Cabinets of Natural History.–Robertson.–Smith.–Black.–Cullen, &c.

CHAPTER XV (.pdf, 144 KB)
Departure from Edinburgh.–Itinerary to Manchester.–Natural History

CHAPTER XVI (.pdf, 104 KB)
Manchester.–Doctor Henry; his Cabinet.–Cotton Manufactures.–Messrs Thomas and Benjamin Potter.–Charles Taylor

CHAPTER XVII (.pdf, 1.1 MB)
Departure from Manchester.–Buxton; its Mineral Waters; fine Baths, constructed on a Plan of Carr, at the Expense of the Duke of Devonshire, the Proprietor of the Waters.–Dr Pearson.–Manufacture of Vases and other Articles in Fluor Spar of different Colours.–Cave of Poole’s Hole.–Toadstone composed of a basis of Trap, interspersed with grains of Calcareous Spar, presenting prismatic contraction as in basalt, though not the work of fire as the latter is

CHAPTER XVIII (.pdf, 596 KB)
Castleton.–Description of a fine Cavern.–Mines of Lead and Calamine, Veins of Fluor Spar.–Lead found in Channel or Cat-dirt

CHAPTER XIX (.pdf, 120 KB)
Derby.–Richard Brownn, dealer of objects of Natural History.–A Manufacture of Vases, and other works of Fluor Spar

CHAPTER XX (.pdf, 303 KB)
Departure from Derby.–Arrival at Birmingham; its numerous Manufactures.–Doctor Withering.–James Watt.–Doctor Priestley; his House; his Library; his chemical Laboratory

CHAPTER XXI (.pdf, 84 KB)
Departure from Birmingham.–Coventry.–Warwick.–Oxford.–Saint Albans.–Barnet.–London.–Return to France

Back matter and index (.pdf, 344 KB)

Scanned November 2008.


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