Swish-e Notes

swish-e.conf goes in the directory being indexed.
.swishcgi.conf goes in /usr/lib/cg-bin to tell swish.cgi which index to use.
.htaccess is used to allow an alias of swish.cgi to exist in the directory being indexed.
.htaccess also prevents unauthorized access with a password.
Remember to allow .htaccess files to override the apache config files.
There is a doc file that I named swish.cgi help.txt that is available with perl doc.

Some links:

ArcGIS and Parallels on a Mac

Fun fact: if you’re copying GIS data from a CD onto your Mac to use in ArcGIS through Parallels, you need to copy from the CD onto the virtual C:\ drive, not one of the networked Mac folders. Of course you need to also set everything as not read-only afterward as well, but it seemed to have been the networking that was causing me problems.