Easier Editing

Just added the option to logged-in (“authenticated”) users to see an edit or new draft link at the top of event pages. This should let you update the page as needed (directly) rather than submitting a duplicate event or using the [+] Feedback system or email/Twitter/whatever. When you click save, I’ll be notified and I can publlish your updates.

You don’t even need to be the event director or original author to update the information–how ’bout them apples?

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pip3 with Conda (if you still have Python 2.7 in your Windows PATH)

If you want to use pip3 with your Anaconda Python 3 installation, you can copy pip.exe and pip-script.py in [Python 3]/Scripts/ to pip3.exe and pip3-script.py in the same folder. These will then show up in your PATH, so running pip3 install [x] will now work, and running pip install [x] will still work for your Python 2 installation.

It seems like you can do a similar thing with conda, if you are forced to install it for Spyder. Rename conda.exe, conda-env.exe, etc. and add [Python 2 Miniconda]/Scripts to your path.

(Thanks to Neil D. for the tip!)