Ephemeral ladybug trace fossil

I just came across this image of a ladybug making tracks in condensation on a window. As far as I can tell, this is an original photo by user 77dlsd at reddit. Fascinating! This might be a decent way of capturing different kinds of arthropod trackways, although you may have to be something of a Snowflake Bentley to frost a glass plate, drop a critter, catch a critter, and photograph the plate without losing anything.

[publication] A new occurrence of /Protichnites/ Owen, 1852, in the Late Cambrian Potsdam Sandstone of the St. Lawrence Lowlands

BURTON-KELLY, M.E. and J.M. ERICKSON. 2010. A new occurrence of Protichnites Owen, 1852, in the Late Cambrian Potsdam Sandstone of the St. Lawrence Lowlands. The Open Paleontology Journal 3:1-13.

You can download a PDF from here 1MB. You can follow this publication on Academia.edu or ResearchGate.

Ichnowiki: Anomoepus

[EDIT: Ichnowiki is no more. 2014-02-07]

This weekend I’m getting back to working on Ichnowiki. The first article I found on my desktop was Milner et al. (2009) from PLoS ONE, so I started off with Anomoepus. If anyone else is interested in tracking down references and describing this taxon, by all means jump in!

Milner, Andrew R. C., Harris, Jerald D., Lockley, Martin J., Kirkland, James I. and Matthews, Neffra A. 2009. Bird-like anatomy, posture, and behavior revealed by an early Jurassic theropod dinosaur resting trace. PLoS ONE 4(3): e4591. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0004591.