Who Would I Be?

I spent ten minutes staring at the ceiling this morning thinking about an idea I began considering last night.  If I weren’t as involved as I am in various long-term projects (project is a loose term, and doesn’t apply only to work), would I still be the same person?  Am I defined by the things I spend my time on and, if I decided to let some things go, would I be happy?  I’ve never been one to let my job/education/career define me, but in absence of that definition, what is there–I’ve been busy filling my time with other things.

In the end, this isn’t about my definition to myself and others, it’s about my own personality and drive–if we assume that I continue to fill time with long-term projects, why should I ditch the ones I enjoy (for the most part) now, only to slowly pick up others in the future?


Join me as I intermittently document my attempts to make the best* cup of coffee ever.  Follow #CoffeeEx on Twitter and add your own recipe to the discussion.

I’m keeping track of only a few variables, but more could be added.  I am by no means a coffee snob, but I’m much more a scientist than a cook, hence the “trial and error” approach.

– Mass of beans
– Always ground
– Water temperature or heating time in electric kettle
– Agitation of coffee before press.


*Subjective and limited to the amount of time, money, and effort I’m willing to put into it.  No $1,000 burr grinders, no civet coffee.

Changing Author of Imported Nodes in Drupal

If you have imported a bunch of nodes from another source (perhaps using the Blogger Importer module) and the author has defaulted to Anonymous, you can set all the nodes to a specific author with a MySQL query.

UPDATE `node` SET uid = "1"

Use at your own risk.  Important: This will set all nodes to author uid 1.  If you have multiple uids you need to keep track of, you’ll have to filter them with a SELECT statement first.

Imported Posts

I have just imported my posts from the Grand Forks Streets blog to this one.  They have not been cleaned up, but the content is here and I will be shutting down the Blogspot version.  I no longer have time to devote to a specific streets-relaetd blog, but I plan to open a Twitter account to curate this type of content for the Grand Forks, ND area.

Imported posts are labeled as “Anonymous” but I will be changing that over time.  I wrote them all unless otherwise indicated in the post itself.