Drupal 7 Comment Number

I wonder if this is fixed in 8 or 9?

To get the number of comments rendered on your node, you can add this to the template (e.g., node.tpl.php) for your theme.

echo "<a href='".$node_url."#comments'>";
 print $node->comment_count; 
    if($node->comment_count==1) { 
        echo " comment ";} 
    else echo " comments ";
echo "</a>";

Leopard upgrade notes

Here I am, finally having upgraded from Tiger to Leopard on my 1.67 MHz 15″ Powerbook. I’m still not sure if its faster or better yet, but I hope to keep reporting on what I find out about it.

1. When I first restarted after upgrading, I wouldn’t get past being able to see the desktop, some icons, the dock and the info bar at the top. Then I would get the grey screen of disappointment (read: kernel panic!) and have to restart. This was due to a problem with startup items. It looks like the problem was Little Snitch, but I haven’t tried anything else to see if it could have been Mail, iCal, SizzlingKeys, or iChat.

2. The Sites folder didn’t work! Luckily, this guy figured this out before me. However, it also looks like PHP didn’t carry over for some reason, so I am downloading a new PHP install to work with Apache 2 from my favorite PHP/MySQL site.

3. The dock is kind of ugly–what’s with the shiny floor? Luckily, it looks like there is a solution. This worked for me.

4. Azureus has just quit a couple times while I wasn’t watching, but I’m downloading the latest version, which should work out better. UPDATE: Seems to be working fine now!

Happy Leoparding! Does anyone have any other stories?