[portfolio] END-SPAR 2011 poster

The background to the 2011 END-SPAR (Extreme North Dakota Spring Primer Adventure Race) poster was an idea Andy Magness had that he hired me to put together. I couldn’t find a good shoe image so I took a photo of my own Inov-8 show to throw on there.

Flower image: 1st Crocus by KitAy on Flickr.
ENDracing logo: ENDracing.com

All text is by Andy.

[portfolio] QUICKDIRTY race flyer

quickdirty flyer 1 The photo used on this flyer is one I had taken at the St. Olaf cyclocross race in the weeks prior. As the name says, we threw this race together really quick and dirty, which is why the entry is so low and participating in the race was “at your own risk.”