Quickly access journal PDFs for which UND has a subscription

If you're using Google or another engine to search online for journal articles, seven times out of ten you'll end up at the site where you can get the PDF (via institutional subscription) but you won't be recognized as the institution.  This also will happen if you are off-campus.  One way to get access is to head back to the UND Libraries site, find the eJournal search, type the name, and then navigate to the right issue.  There is a better way.

Take this URL for example.  I wound up here after Googling for one of the authors and looking for his email address:


In order to get that PDF (or see if we even have access), just add the UND proxy to the middle of the URL (bolded for convenience):


You'll get bumped to the UND Libraries off-campus login page, and then back to the article page when you've logged in.  Now if you click on the PDF link, you'll find out whether we have subscription access (the PDF will open) or not (you'll hit a paywall).  This has worked well for me for the past year or so.