Exporting from Panorama Sheets

I just started playing with Panorama Sheets, which is a cheaper (and lower-power) version of Panorama, but which does exactly what I want: combines a spreadsheet interface with database-querying capabilities. At the moment, I don’t need the other functions of the full version of Panorama, so I may purchase this software after my trial runs out. I’ve seen a few glitches so far, one of them being that while in the Export Wizard (File->Export Text…), clicking on the “Export Text” button results in an “Error resolving alias.” error. Luckily, this can be solved by selecting the Export->Export to Text File… menu item. An additional problem I ran into is that the encoding is weird when trying to open this file in OpenOffice Calc, so it was easiest to open the text file, copy the contents, and paste into Calc, which will bring up a dialog box you can use to select your delimiter, etc.