My main regret about not producing a webcomic* is that I don’t have a reason to provide timely updates about what is going on in my life.

*I don’t produce a webcomic because although it would be cool, I think other people already do a much, much better job of it.  Sort of like working for NASA.

Find PDFs that are not OCRed (Windows grep)

Works reasonably well, although some files may have font properties without the word “Font” (capitalization matters).
Open CMD prompt
dir Desktop (or whatever target directory)
grep -L Font *.pdf > list_of_files.txt
-L = only return file names that do not match
-r = Recursive

Apple Mail Rules Broken in Yosemite (OS X 10.10)

This has been bothering me since I upgraded to Yosemite earlier this summer.  I finally found an answer: turn on iCloud syncing for email.  I did not need do any if the file copying mentioned in the linked solution.

In case you’re wondering: No, I am not a rules fanatic, but one IMAP email account through my hosting company has an issue with spam.  I turned on Spam Assassin, which tags the junk, and then I use a rule to put those messages in the junk folder, just in case there was a false positive.


Add Factors to a Momocs Coo Object

This wasn’t documented anywhere (maybe it’s obvious?), but here is a short example using the included ‘bot’ dataset.

# Look at the existing factors, stored in bot@fac
# Add another arbitrary factor
# Put your new factors back into the object
# Look at your data based on the new factor



PetroMod Simulation Log Location

Simulation logs (one per processor used during simulation) are located in the out folder of your model, with the name(s) log.pma, log1.pma, log2.pma, etc.

Possible use for this information: Write a script that automatically copies log files to another location for later review if needed (watch folder in Python?).  Bonus points if you are timestamping your notes so you can identify the right file to look at.


Midsummer update: Lots of things going on here in science world.  Mostly I’ve been working with PetroMod to create some basin history models of the Williston Basin, which is fun because I get to dig way into how PetroMod works and how different variables affect hydrocarbon generation and migration.