Bakken Citation

This is essentially an internal citation, but exciting to see, nonetheless. The SPE conference paper referenced has passed peer review and should be out soon. Trying to make time for more Bakken CO2 extraction statistics at the moment.

Jin, L., Sorensen, J. A., Hawthorne, S. B., Smith, S. A., Bosshart, N. W., Burton-Kelly, M. E., … Harju, J. A. (2016, February 24). Improving Oil Transportability Using CO2 in the Bakken System – A Laboratory Investigation. Society of Petroleum Engineers. doi:10.2118/178948-MS

cited in

Jin, L., Hawthorne, S., Sorensen, J., Kurz, B., Pekot, L., Smith, S., … Harju, J. (2016, August 1). A Systematic Investigation of Gas-Based Improved Oil Recovery Technologies for the Bakken Tight Oil Formation. Unconventional Resources Technology Conference.

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