. . . is usually my most productive day. Today was no exception:

I am excited about paleontology again.

Not just any paleontology, not the random idea of paleontology, but the stuff I’m actually reading about. It’s fun! Just like italics are fun. I actually know what is going on, and the fact that I know more about the world than I did this morning fills me with joy. I may be going over the top, but it was a realization to me that here I am, tired and with a headache, a point at which I would consider a nap more appropriate than reading a paper on a subject I know nothing about, but I’m reading this paper, and I am enjoying it.

The problem, I think, comes from trying to read too fast. You just can’t digest things quickly, things like paleontology papers. This one is within my comprehension, and even though I usually hate [why such a strong word? 2014-03-05] reading about stratigraphy, I was paying attention and thinking about it all, and how it all went together. It took me a couple hours, but it was worth it.

Now if I can find a way to be able to focus this much all the time and have time for cycling and/or running (although I prefer the former, of course), things will be right with the world again.

There is a cycling race here on the 29th I believe. There is also a road race, just in case I’m wrong about the cycling. Prizes and everything. Who knows, maybe I’m good for something after all 😀

hells yeah

 “Gregg E. Maryniak, executive vice president of the foundation, said he looked forward to having them enter. ‘One of the biggest reasons to do this is to bring in people outside the existing ecosystem,’ he said.

‘Look, a hundred years ago, a couple of pesky bike mechanics from Dayton, Ohio, bested, in effect, the government-funded player, to become the first to fly,’ he added. ‘That’s why you put on these things: to attract the bicycle mechanics.'”

Like to Tinker? NASA’s Looking for You – New York Times: